We now propose the following changes starting with the government in Washington, DC.


All senators and congressmen will now be paid by a stipend of $200 a day maximum. You work a day you will be paid. No work, no pay.


Also all politicians will now be responsible for their own healthcare and retirement plans.


We will also eliminate all retroactive pension and healthcare benefits of all present and past senators and congressmen.


We will also eliminate travel by all politicians and government employees to foreign countries with the exception of the president, vice president, or secretary of state.


We will also eliminate the following cabinet and department positions in government. They are the departments of Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veteran Affairs, Homeland Security, Office of USA representative, EPA, United States Mission to UN, and the Council of Economic Advisors.


We will merge the departments of Interior and Agriculture.


HOW many people can think of any bill passed in their life time that has benefited them or their families?
Some older people in my age group would possibly say Social Security. Others would possibly say Medicare.


Outside of those two bills passed in 1935 and 1965, the vast majority of people will be hard pressed to name a particular bill.


That is because the vast majority of all bills passed in Washington, DC benefits only the politicians, their families, the attorneys and lobbyists.


Therefore we will eliminate all lobbyists from Washington, DC starting with the lobbyist for SAUDI ARABIA.
We will review all bills passed by Congress starting in 1975 and will probably repeal 75% of them.

As you know all political parties need to have a platform based on their ideas for the country and the future.
We do not expect all people to agree 100% with our ideas, but hopefully the vast majority of people will agree with 60 to 70% of our ideas,

Obviously there will probably be new issues that will come up and need to be explored and examined.


We will now list the platforms representing our party.

Number 1: The war on terrorism. We believe that this is indeed a war and not a police action.

We believe that a terrorist is a terrorist who has no rights and will be subjected to torture if necessary to save American lives, and they will be executed if they have been found to have been involved in the death of any American citizen /soldier.

We will keep GUANTANAMO open in Cuba.

Number 2: We will expel the United Nations from the United States, and we will remove the United States from the United Nations.

Number 3: We will eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and all taxes and substitute a 10% national sales tax on everything that is bought in this country. There will be no exceptions or exemptions.

We will also institute a national power ball lottery every Sunday night from Washington, DC .

Number 4: Immigration - all legal immigration will be suspended for at least 5 years until we can get our borders under control. All illegal people will be deported to their country of origin.

All employers found to have hired illegal immigrants, will be fine $10,000 per person and have one-year in jail per illegal immigrant.

We will build a wall first along the Mexican American border and then eventually the Canadian border.

We will remove all of our troops from South Korea and Bosnia and place them on the border with the border patrol.

Number 5: Abortion will be legal during the first trimester only. ANY abortion deemed necessary during the second or third trimester, will need to be verified by 3 independent physicians .

Number 6: We support the right of Israel to exist. We believe that the PALESTINIANS already have their own homeland which is the country of Jordan. It is already 70% Palestinian.

Number 7: We believe that homosexuals are that way from birth,that it is genetic. We do not believe that they should marry and be recognized legally as traditional marriage between a man and woman. Also we do not believe that they should be able to adopt children. Otherwise we believe that they should have the same rights and benefits as any other American citizen.

Number 8: legal system. We believe that the legal system in this country is now the 21st Century equivalent of Nazism and Communism. There is no longer 3 separate branches of government. Who believes in the saying on the Supreme Court building "Equal Justice Under Law"?

We will institute the following changes:

All Federal Judges will be appointed to 5 year terms. They will come up for reappointment every 5 years. No longer will any Federal Judge be appointed for life.

We will cap all attorneys fees to 5% of any judgment they win in court. They will no longer be able to charge more than $50/hour. They will no longer be able to bill for their phone calls, stamps, faxes etc ..

No Judge will be able to unilaterally make any decision involving an individual or individuals in court.

All legal issues will be decided by a jury of ones peers which will involve 11 people, and the majority rules. There will no longer be any hung juries of 10/11 or 9/2.

This will involve all legal issues consisting of divorce, murder, rape, kidnapping, land disputes etc ..

All cases will be finished in a maximum of two weeks.

No one will be able to sue under the contingency basis. Any individual or entity that sues another individual will need to post a bond.

Number 9: we believe in capital punishment. Any individual found to have committed a capital offense and where there is indisputable evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, video, will be eliminated from society.

Number 10: we will eliminate the Veterans Administration and give every veteran Medicare. We will give the working poor and uninsured Medicaid.

We will pass two laws affecting private insurance companies. The first is they will no longer be able to not insure or raise premiums for those with pre-existing illnesses. The second is we will fix a rate at which the insurance company will spend its premiums on overhead versus paying people's bills.

Number 11: we will eliminate all foreign aid, with the exception to the country of Israel.

Number 12: we do not believe in global warming.


Number 13: we will use all the coal in this country and will also encourage and make synthetic oil and jet fuel from all our coal resources.

Number 14: we believe in the second amendment and a national concealed weapon permit.

Number 15: we are against the legalization of drugs.we will eliminate from society all drug pushers of hard drugs. ALL USERS OF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL WILL BE PLACED IN FORCED REHAB FOR 2 YEARS.

Number 16: education - we believe that teachers should teach students who want to learn. Those who are trouble makers or antisocial will be placed in reformed schools.

We will also develop a national type of Nobel prize system for students and their teachers in elementary, junior high, high school and college who develop or create or invent something that is useful to society. That is they will be rewarded with money.

All students in junior high and high school will be required to read Animal Farm and 1984.

Number 17: we will bring back prayer in public school. Those who do not want to pray can wait outside before their class starts for the day.

Number 18: We will phase out Social Security over 10 to 12 years as this is nothing but a large ponzi scheme run by the Federal Government. Everybody then will be responsible for their own retirement plan.

Number 19: English will be the official language of the United States.

Number 20: all future presidential elections will be determined by popular vote.


Number 21: all members of the ACLU, NY TIMES, LA TIMES will be put on trial for treason.

Number 22: we believe in stem cell research.

I hope that after reading the above platforms you will help me form and succeed with this new political party.

I know that there are younger and smarter people than me who can get the ball rolling.

We need to form this party in every state and hopefully take power in Washington to reverse what is going on in this country today.

You will be able to reach me at VICTORLAZLO.